Teche Regional Prepares for Possible Flooding


As we all know, Morgan City and all of South Louisiana is at potential risk for flooding within the next week to 10 days.  Emergency response organizations are fully engaged in helping communities prepare for potential disaster-level flooding.

The management team at Teche Regional Medical Center has implemented the All Hazard Emergency Response Plan to ensure that the hospital is prepared for all possible scenarios related to potential flooding in the days and weeks to come.  They have organized a team to assist with emergency response planning, and are meeting on a daily basis to monitor the situation, anticipate scenarios and develop contingency response plans.  Fortunately, as part of LifePoint Hospitals Teche Regional is able to tap a wealth of corporate resources and expertise to assist in this effort.  

In addition to the hospital's emergency planning, they are working with Multiple State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies and other hospitals in the region to develop and coordinate emergency health care services and patient evacuation plans.

"As always, our top priority will be to ensure the health and safety of everyone at the hospital, including our patients and their families and our employees, physicians and volunteers.  It is during times like these that our community relies on us more than ever to be the essential resource they can count on during emergency situations," said Butch Frazier, Teche Regional Chief Executive Officer.

As a reminder, Teche Regional is not an evacuation site.  Please check with the Office of Emergency Preparedness for the site listing available in our area.  However, in the unlikely event that you are injured and in need of healthcare, Teche Regional will be here and ready to provide care.

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