Preparing for the Waters to Rise


By Butch Frazier
CEO of Teche Regional Medical Center

As we anticipate the cresting of the Atchafalaya River, our entire community is bracing for what lies ahead. Emergency response organizations are fully engaged in helping to prepare for potential disaster-level flooding.

At Teche Regional Medical Center, we are working with Multiple State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies, local authorities and other healthcare providers throughout our region to ensure the safety and continued care of our patients and make certain that everyone in our community has uninterrupted access
to healthcare services.

We anticipate that Teche Regional Medical Center will operate normally with no interruptions in service over the next several weeks.  Based on predictions, our facility is not expected to be impacted by flooding. However, given the uncertain nature of the situation, we are staffed, equipped and prepared in advance for any scenario the next several days and weeks will bring.  Should flood waters threaten to breech our sea walls, or levees we have an emergency response plan of action in place that will ensure the health and safety of patients and their families, employees, physicians and volunteers.

In the unlikely event that Teche Regional Medical Center is required to evacuate, arrangements are in place that will allow us to transfer patients to nearby sister facilities in Ville Plate and Eunice.  We will notify the public in advance of any action and will keep families informed about the status of their loved ones.

Teche Regional Medical Center is fully prepared to support everyone in the community throughout these trying times.  We are committed to being here for you and will do all we can to keep this community healthy.

Anyone with any questions or concerns about their own healthcare or the care of a loved one can reach us at any time at 985-384-2200.

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